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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter nests!


I've had a very busy term at school with mocks and prep for my A2's but I've made it to the Easter holidays! As it's easter, and easter is all about chocolate; daddy and I made some really easy but delicious chocolate nests for Gran's easter Sunday tea time visit. I thought I would share them on my blog because although they are easy people ALWAYS enjoy them!

Ingredients                                   Equipment
400g dairy milk chocolate            Saucepan
1x box of rice krispies                  Large glass bowl
3x bags of mini eggs                    Spatular
                                                     Cupcake cases
                                                     Cupcake tin

                                                     2x desert spoons

1. Melt the chocolate in a large bowl over a bain marie (a saucepan with boiling water under it - make sure the bottom of the bowl doesn't touch the water or it will burn the chocolate)
2. Once the chocolate is melted add a large amount of the rice krispies to the chocolate and mix them in
3. Keep adding rice krispies until there is no loose chocolate left in the bowl, you'll notice why you need such a big bowl (it should look like the photo to the right)
4. Put cupcake cases into a cupcake tin and then spoon in the mixture into the cupcake cases until the cases are full
5. Push the middle of the mixture to the outside of the cases making a slight dip to hold the eggs
6. Put three mini eggs into each 'nest' and then put them into the fridge to set all the nests

And thats it, I told you it was easy! These are also so yummy and 100% cadbury chocolate! Of course you can make it with different chocolate, but this is my favourite!

Enjoy and happy baking!

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