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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Who is BakerEve?

Hi, my name is Evie and as you may already know, I like to bake. Whether its baking bread, cakes or scones I enjoy every second; this may be because of my childhood filled with incredible food from my mama or from a love within my heart of all things foodie. 
 So why am I here? I wanted to share my favourite recipes as well as experimental projects that I do for family and friends. As I become older I am wanting to do more exciting projects and try new recipes rather than just make the same old cupcake recipe that everyone does and I wanted to share my experiences with the world.
 I am from a small county in the east of England, Suffolk. It is a farming county that I love and am very proud to be from. Many people throughout England tend to think that everyone there are either farmers or inbred, but I'm here to buck the trend and prove that we do much more than that. 

Ready for an adventure? 
Ready, set, bake!

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